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Join us for food, bible study, general hanging out, board games and sometimes video games.

Our schedule will continue every 10/11 days on Sunday's and Wednesdays.


January 29th (Sun) 1 pm Lunch and Skating

February 8th (Wed) 7 pm Snack and Study

February 19th (Sun) 1 pm Skating @ Wickersham's

February 24th & 25th - Retreat @ Camp Little Red Register

March 1st (Wed) 7 pm Snack and Study

March 12th (Sun) 1 pm Salon Discussion @ Welton's

March 22nd (Wed) 7 pm Snack and Study

April 2nd (Sun) 1 pm Lunch and Testimonies

April 12th (Wed) TBD

April 23rd (Sun) 1 pm Lunch and Study