Current Leadership
Leadership Team & Ministry Leaders of 2023-2024

Pastor Kris Peters, Pastor Carey Willis
Moderator - Shari Brown
Assistant Moderator - Conny Neufeld
Leadership Team Members -  Adelle Baker, Tyler Gerritsen, Vic Thiessen, Brian Warr, and Seth Welton.


(Photo 2023-2024 team)

Ministry Leaders

Care Groups> Tyler G,  Decor>Shauni E. & Nicole P,  Finance Team> Donna-Lynn R,  Kitchen Ministry> Lynn B,  Ladies Ministry>Jody T,  Library Team> Liz W,  Lodge Ministry> Nic W,  Maintenance>Dennis W,  MCC Thrift Room> Ruth P,  Men's Ministry> Eric P,  Missions Team>Vic T,  Mom's Time Out>Stephanie W,  Music Ministry> Carla B,  Office Administration> Dianna G,  Quilting Ministry> Linda W,  Sunday School> Jessica W,  Tech Ministry> Lyle M,  Ushering> Eric P,  Welcome Ministry> Christine Coggins,  Young Adults Ministry> Tyler & Dianna G,  Youth Ministry> Stephanie W.