Ladies' Quilting

The quilting ministry sends many high-quality quilts to needy people via MCC and The Mustard Seed. Countries like Bosnia, Jordan, North Korea and Ukraine have received thousands of quilts in the last few years.  We at Linden MB are only a small part of the people in the Americas and Europe who contribute to this larger ministry. We like to address local needs as well, and have given comforters to both Calgary and Red Deer Mustard Seed.

For now a lot of the work for the quilts is being taken home to be completed there. A few of us are working at the church following covid-19 guidelines but we are looking forward to all being able to get together at the church again.  We are always open to receiving new or good used fabric, which includes sheets.

Quilt making is a process and we need various talents.  Being able to sew a relatively straight seam is definitely necessary for putting the pieces together. But before that happens we need someone who is somewhat a perfectionist to cut the squares.  Materials are provided. We need someone with an eye for color to arrange the pieces in a pleasing manner and we have a number of other non-sewing opportunities as well, such as preparing tea & coffee for our coffee break.  

Quilting is on break for the Summer.
A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have worked at home and at church to keep our quilting ministry going. 
Even though we have taken a break over the summer we are planning for the fall. If anyone would like to sew tops we would greatly appreciate that. There are packages of blocks available. 
Contact Linda for more information.