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Dear Church Family,
Sunday Morning In-Person Church
I'm delighted to announce that on October 18 you are invited to come to Linden MB for Sunday morning church! It has been a long time since we met together. By my count, it will be the 31st Sunday since we closed the building down in the middle of March and went online. 

We have spoken of "reopening" to this point, and that suits the huge effort which many church people have put into getting this place ready for bringing people back in. But alas, it is still not going to be what we once had, and so it seems better to refer to what we are doing as "bridge church". It holds out hope for the day when this really is all over, and we can truly reopen. Healthy church needs sitting together, handshakes and hugs, eating together, & songs freely sung. We are not there yet.

And so, there will be quite a few restrictions on our "bridge church" Sunday morning services. You will need to let us know that you are coming, you will need a mask, and there will be ushering in and out. All this will be clearly explained before the big day. If you prefer to stay home, that is okay. The online service will carry on. In fact, new equipment is about to be installed to improve even further what we broadcast online.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Kris


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