“At Home in Mitford” is written by Jan Karon.  On the front cover there are beautiful, mature trees that line the street of a lovely, yet obviously older neighborhood.  Quaint yards and swept sidewalks run along a paved road facing a stone church steeple tucked modestly at the bottom corner of the page.The story is set in a charming village located in a valley between two mountain ranges in the western US.  The main character is Father Tim, a kind, funny, bachelor pastor set in his familiar “stick in the mud ways”. A dog, a boy named Dooley and a new neighbor soon have the pastor experiencing adventures he never expected.I (unexpectedly) enjoyed this book!!   I love a good action adventure, which this is not, and yet I found myself wanting to read the entire Mitford series! It was so great that the hero of the story was very much like the modest church on the front cover.  He wasn’t particularly good looking, or powerful or in his prime.  In fact, he was almost ready to retire. His unexpected adventures made me smile and his love of food made me hungry lol.  I really appreciated the author's gift of  making such ordinary people and places so entertaining.  I felt “at home” in Mitford, perhaps because it had so many “Lindenish” qualities.   This fall, as the trees on our own streets start to turn color and the cooler weather invites us to curl up with a book and a blanket, let Mitford bring a smile to your face as Jan Karon skillfully celebrates “the wonderfully ordinary”.